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About New Power Electric

  Founded in 2000, New Power this name was chosen from our founders at that time, which it means to supply the new style power transmission merchandises to all industrial end users., and the other meaning -- this is a very new company, too. It was the vision of the founders that this company will be full of young staffs with new ideas, and aggressive design, incredible trial concept, comparison with the old traditional heavy duty products from long time ago. This is now reality.

  New Power specializes in producing all kind power transmission products to match the customer demand from all over the world. And she keeping in research the most fashion power products in the world to replace the old ones accordingly. The actual laboratories were built up both in China and Taiwan to test/trial our new models over there. Investments in our employees, facilities, and additional equipment in 2007 have provided New Power the necessary tools for continual improvement and world class quality. Now this new company keeps on growth day by day.

  The product category divides as three groups, one is power item, such as motor & accessories, the other is control unit & facility and another is power transmission items, such as coupling, universal joint, spiral gear box… etc. New Power supply high efficiency, durable, precision & impact products under a widen range choice.

  For the exact detail spec. of our products, please browse our website www.usa-newpower.com in product area. Thanks much for your valued time and we are looking forward to serving you in the very near future.

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